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Megan Donaldson
Class of 2021
Carolinas Campus
Prior School: 
Xavier University
Traverse City, MI

Megan Donaldson

The reason I chose VCOM is due to the strong mission for service and primary care. The robust programs and the opportunity to be involved in the VCOM mission trips were major selling factors of VCOM for me, as they directly correlate to the reasons I feel drawn to medicine – to assist the underserved and to address health disparities.

I chose to go into medicine

I chose to go into medicine primarily because I have a deep desire to serve. I did not always know I wanted to pursue medicine, but I always knew I wanted to search for a career that would have a direct impact on the communities around me. I first realized I wanted to fill this desire with a vocation in medicine when I visited an infirmary on a mission trip in Jamaica. I saw the profound difference primary care medicine can have on an individual’s life by seeing a man cloistered within the walls of the infirmary due an amputation caused by his type 1 diabetes and my best friend at home living a fairly normal life with the same condition. Seeing the stark differences in their quality of life due to proper care of their diseases highlighted to me that medicine is the perfect path for me to combine my interest in science and my desire to serve my community.  

I believe osteopathic physicians are important

I believe osteopathic physicians are important because they naturally bring in an essential element of good healthcare based off of the practice principles of humanism. With the founding belief of the body being interrelated, they do not see patients as imperfection based off of a chief complaint, but rather they see the patient as a whole made of body, mind and spirit. Although all physicians have the ability to incorporate humanism and understand that issues can lie beyond the primary symptoms, osteopathic physicians have this belief naturally implemented within their training. 
My friends would tell you that I am

My friends would tell you that I am a caring, quirky individual. On a serious note, they would tell you I am someone who strives to see the good in the world and the positive in situations and that I am a determined compassionate individual. Socially, they would tell you I am known for my “mom” dance moves, my snort when laughing too hard, and that I am comfortable standing out. They have even come to rank their comedic level on whether they cause a “Megan snort” or not. 

When I am not studying I enjoy

When I am not studying, I enjoy exploring the beauty of the world around me. I particularly enjoy hiking and seeing the beautiful Appalachian nature near me here at VCOM. Additionally I love surrounding myself with friends and family every chance I get. My friends and I here at VCOM have enjoyed playing sand volleyball, cheering on or participating in the recreational sports offered to us, going out to dinner after a long day studying, and just hanging out together.

My future plan is

My future aspiration is to be a compassionate, engaged community member and physician, and to give back to the communities around me. I plan to incorporate life-long learning, both academically and socially, from experiences and from those around me. I hope to utilize my career in primary care and my education to work to breach the vast health disparity gaps both locally in the community around me and globally by donating my skills beyond borders. I can see myself living and practicing anywhere there is a need.