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Cody Bushman
Class of 2020
Virginia Campus
Prior School: 
Virginia Tech
Roanoke, VA

Cody Bushman

I want to help people because I grew up doing so. I am the oldest of five children where my youngest three siblings were all born in three and a half years, so a lot was expected of me on a daily basis to help out my mom. Growing up always helping out made me realize very quickly that making someone else happy by helping them in any way was what made me feel good.

Cody BushmanThe reason I chose VCOM is

I chose VCOM because I am from the area and have always heard of the great things that are being done here. Coming into my interview, I wasn’t 100% sure that it was the decision I wanted to make as I knew it had a huge impact on the rest of my life but after getting here and meeting all of the super friendly staff, getting a tour from the students, and getting to experience the whole package of VCOM, I immediately called my family from the parking lot and told them that there isn’t anywhere else that could give me what VCOM has to offer.

I believe osteopathic physicians are important because

I believe that Osteopathic physicians are important because they offer modes of treatment that other physicians simply cannot. Sometimes, the problem a patient is presenting to the physician needs a medication and there is no way around that but more times than not, there are other treatments that could either fix the problem solely on their own or greatly increase the effect a certain treatment has on a patient through osteopathic manipulative therapy (OMT) that the patient would be missing out on with an allopathic physician.

When I am not studying I enjoy

When I am not studying, I enjoy being on the golf course with my friends. At VCOM, I have made some of my closest friends that also enjoy a lot of the same activities I do which has made some of the stressful times much easier to handle. It is always nice to get together with a few of the guys and girls in my class who have the same stresses I do about exams and get away from it all on the golf course for a few hours.