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Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine
VCOM Partnership with Gibbs
Cancer Center Opens New Doors
he Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine
(VCOM) has formed a collaborative partnership
with Spartanburg Regional Healthcare Services and
Gibbs Cancer Center, an alliance which has led to the
development of an innovative cancer research facility and
has provided significant opportunities for research at the
Carolinas Campus in Spartanburg, South Carolina.
Cutting the ribbon at VCOM’s new,
collaborative laboratory space in the Gibbs
Research Institute. Representatives from
VCOM and Spartanburg Regional are from
left to right:
Carol Brenner, Ph.D.,
Associate Dean of Biomedical Affairs
VCOM – Carolinas Campus
Timothy Yeatman, M.D., FACS,
President of the Gibbs Research Institute &
Director of the Gibbs Cancer Center
James F. Wolfe, Ph.D.,
VCOM President
Timothy J. Kowalski, D.O., FACN,
Vice Dean of the VCOM – Carolinas
Dixie Tooke-Rawlins, D.O.,
VCOM Provost & Founding Dean
Jack Pledger, Ph.D.,
Deputy Director, Gibbs Research
Institute & Associate Center Director of
Basic Research, Spartanburg Regional
Healthcare Services
James Bearden, M.D.,
Vice President of Research for
Spartanburg Regional Healthcare Services
Robert E. Gregory, Jr.,
Spartanburg Regional Healthcare Services’
Chairman of the Board
David Church, DHA,
Vice President of Oncology Support
Services for Spartanburg Regional
Healthcare Services
John G. Rocovich, Jr., J.D., L.L.M.,
VCOM’s Chairman of the Board of
Mingli Yang, Ph.D.,
Staff, Gibbs Research Institute
Jan Willcox, D.O.,
Vice Dean of the VCOM – Virginia Campus
In April 2013, VCOM and
Spartanburg Regional Medical Center
celebrated the grand opening of their
new collaborative cancer and stem cell
laboratory at the Gibbs Cancer Center
and Research Institute, located just one
mile from the Carolinas Campus.
The newly renovated laboratory
has 7,500 square feet of research
space designed to maximize shared
equipment, resources and workspaces,
allowing for easy interaction and
collaboration of all personnel.
Carol Brenner, Ph.D., associate dean
of biomedical affairs, and Cindy
McKinney, Ph.D., discipline chair of
cellular and molecular physiology, will
direct VCOM adult stem cell center
activities, and will generate stem cells
called induced pluripotent stem cells
(iPSCs) using adult tissues. iPSCs
are an important advance in stem cell
research, as they allow researchers to
obtain pluripotent stem cells without
the controversial use of embryos.
The group led by Dr. Brenner is in the
process of generating collaborations
across the state of South Carolina
to develop novel iPSCs in vivo cell
models from patients for advanced
study of disease. Cancer stem cells will
be studied in breast, colon and prostate
cancer in collaboration with the Gibbs
Cancer Center. It is anticipated this
research will be a resource for the
development of novel diagnostics and
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