VCOM uses Microsoft Exchange Server for our e-mail system, which allows the e-mail to remain on the server for easy access from the office or on the road. We recommend that you use the Microsoft® Outlook® client to view your e-mail while at VCOM in order to take advantage of the functionality that it provides, such as viewing other Calendars and Public Folders.

If you use a laptop or would like to access your VCOM email from your computer at home, we recommend that you configure Outlook per the instructions found here:

You can also check your VCOM mail from the internet by accessing VCOM Web Outlook, if you are still on our Exchange server, or Exchange Online if your mailbox has been moved into the cloud (you would have been notified if this has happened). We recommend that you do not store your user name or password in the log on box in your internet browser.

Smart Phone Email Instructions

Below are instructions for configuring your on VCOM email on a smart phone. 
Setting up your phone for VCOM Email