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Capital Naming Opportunities

Examples of Available Capital Naming Opportunities

You have an opportunity to support medical education by making a gift and naming a number of spaces on any of VCOM’s three campuses.

Naming opportunities present a significant opportunity to enhance and strengthen VCOM by providing excellent, state-of-the-art environments for teaching and learning.

By placing your name, the name of someone special, or the name of your organization on a building, classroom, research laboratory or other space, your gift becomes an enduring symbol of your connection to VCOM and its mission.

Possible capital naming opportunities include, but are not limited to, the list below:

Main Academic Building     $8 million
Biomechanical and Sports Medicine Research Facility (Virginia)                      $3 million
Simulation and Educational Technology Center (Virginia)     $2 million
                   Seminar Room $100,000  
  Simulation Rooms $50,000  
  Exam Rooms $25,000  
Simulation and Educational Technology Center (Carolinas, Auburn)     $1.5 million
  Seminar Room $100,000  
  Simulation Rooms $50,000  
  Exam Rooms $25,000  
Lecture Halls (2 each, per campus)     $1 million
Anatomy Lab (each campus)     $1 million  
Library (each campus)     $1 million
Administrative Office Suite     $1 million
  President’s Office $150,000  
  Dean’s Office $100,000  
  Vice Provost $100,000  
  Student Services $100,000  
Main Lobby (each campus)     $500,000
Student Lounge                  (multiple per campus)     $500,000
Executive Boardroom (each campus)     $500,000
Courtyard/Patio (each campus)     $250,000
Department Chair Offices (each campus)     $50,000–$100,000
Small Group Learning Spaces (each campus)     $25,000 - $250,000