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Clinical Affairs

Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
Phone: 864-327-9851
Associate Dean for OMS 4th Year and Graduate Medical Education
Phone: 864-327-9847
Fax: 864-804-6991
Education Specialist for Primary Care
Phone: 864-327-9884
Fax: 864-804-6991
Clinical Assessment Coordinator
Phone: 864-327-9994
Fax: 864-804-6991
Administrative Assistant for Emergency Medicine, Surgery and Orthopedics
Phone: 864-327-9818
Fax: 864-804-6991
Director for Third Year Clinical Rotations
Phone: 864-327-9888
Fax: 864-804-6991
Simulation Center Coordinator and Administrative Assistant for the Chair of Internal Medicine
Phone: 864-327-9838
Administrative Assistant for OB-GYN and Pediatrics
Phone: 864-327-9889
Director for Fourth Year Clinical Rotations
Phone: 864-327-9833
Fax: 864-804-6991