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COMLEX Preparation

The Center for Institutional, Faculty, and Student Success provides academic assistance directly focused on helping students prepare for COMSAE and COMLEX exams. The Center is a great resource for information related to National Board preparation. We can help you design a COMSAE/COMLEX study plan based on your unique needs, recommend study materials, and provide you with helpful insight from former VCOM graduates. We can also provide you with detailed information on VCOM policies related to National Board exams as well as inform you about good sources of information related to the exams.

Where to start?

How VCOM Supports Students Preparing for COMLEX
NBOME’s website
NBOME’s answers to frequently asked questions
NBOME’s COMLEX schedule

VCOM’s Policies for National Boards

VCOM’s policies about National Boards can be found in the College Catalog and Student Handbook.

Resources for COMLEX Level 1 preparation

Resources for COMLEX Level 2 CE preparation

Resources for COMLEX Level 2 PE preparation

Managing Your Well-being During Boards

The Director of Academic and Counseling Services, your faculty advisor, and the Director for Student Academic Success is available to assist you. Please see VCOM’s information about health and counseling services.

Other Helpful Resources

NBOME’s blueprint of the exam
NBOME’s rescheduling fees
NBOME’s COMSAE information
NBOME Tutorial

Are you a COMLEX preparation company?
Find out about the annual COMLEX Prep Fair at VCOM by contacting Robert Campbell at rcampbell [at]