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Student Organizations

Student organizations and committees are a very important part of the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM). The service performed by members of student organizations benefit not only the community and the region, but also the members, as they gain valuable knowledge, skills and experience. Students are encouraged to learn about all organizations and committees and to participate in those that will advance their career and personal interests.

American College of Osteopathic Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOOG)


President: Katie Magnuson; Vice President: Kayla Hammelman; Secretary: Allison Akridge; Treasurer: Anna Swisher; Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kraig Smith

The American College of Osteopathic Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOOG) student organization at VCOM is in association with the American College of Osteopathic Obstetricians and Gynecologists. The OB/GYN organization is dedicated to providing outreach services and education to the surrounding community and abroad, and to ultimately uphold osteopathic principles and practices. Additionally, OB/GYN strives to provide countless medical and educational opportunities to the members of the organization.

American College of Osteopathic Pediatricians (ACOP)


President: Melina Alexander; Vice President: Erika Sekerak; Secretary: Rachel Lyman; Treasurer: Jayme "Erin" Parker; Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rian Anglin

The VCOM Chapter of the American College of Osteopathic Pediatricians at VCOM promotes awareness and understanding of pediatric medicine within the college and community. The organization provides members numerous opportunities to interact with children, including work with local schools to promote healthy living and general awareness of the medical profession. Throughout the year special guests are invited to speak to the club regarding relevant pediatric health-related issues. This gives students an opportunity to gain a clearer perspective on this specialty area.

Love Your Melon Project

Lvoe Your Melon Project

Love Your Melon (LYM) is an apparel brand dedicated to putting a hat on every child battling cancer in America, supporting cancer research initiatives through awareness and fundraising, and providing immediate support for children and their families.  Along with providing every child fighting cancer with a beanie, students in LYM personally delivers hats to local hospitals and patients houses while dressed up as superheroes. 

Christian Medical Association (CMDA)


President: Hendrix Lafontant; Vice President: Victoria Ladontant; Secretary: Chelsea Cockrell; Treasurer: Hannah Patterson; Faculty Advisor: Dr. Steven Presley

The Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA) at VCOM provides students with opportunities to grow in their faith, connect with Christian physicians locally, participate in service, and develop awareness of Christian resources related to health issues. The CMDA holds Bible studies and meetings in which local Christian doctors share their experiences in medicine and life. All students, regardless of their faith or belief system, are welcome to attend meetings and to participate in events sponsored by the CMDA.

Hispanic Community Medical Outreach (HCMO)


President: Jessica Ramos; Vice President: Sergeine Lezeau; Secretary: Nimrah Patel; Treasurer: Rehana Satain ; Faculty Advisors: Dr. Johnny Stackhouse and  Dr. JJ White

The Hispanic Community Medical Outreach (HCMO) organization at VCOM–Auburn is dedicated to promoting health in Auburn’s Hispanic community through education and increasing access to care.

Student American Association of Osteopathy (SAAO)


President: Haglaeh Contreras; Vice President: Brendan Lutz; Secretary/Treasurer: William Tremlett; Faculty Advisor:  Dr. David Coffey

The VCOM Student American Association of Osteopathy (SAAO) Chapter has been an instrumental influence in the community and student body. The SAAO provides its members the opportunity to enhance and expand their osteopathic manipulative knowledge and skill, and enables its members to outreach to the community with osteopathic education and OMM treatment. On a regular basis, students meet with faculty to learn various techniques, treat one another, and enhance their diagnostic and palpatory skills. The VCOM chapter has achieved its missions to reach out to students and community by providing Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine presentations to promote osteopathic education awareness. The VCOM chapter has been the recipient of multiple national awards.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Specialty Committee

The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) specialty committee strives to educate students about the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. PM&R medicine can be described as the intersection between neurological disease management and musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Medical students who participate in the PM&R specialty committee have a wide range of interests including focus areas like sports medicine, neurology, pain management, and neuromuscular medicine.

Student Osteopathic Internal Medicine Association (SOIMA)


President: Thomas Fredricks; Vice President: Johnny Nguyen; Secretary: Shirley Cotty; Treasurer: Brenden Lutz; National Liaison: Jannet Bux; Faculty Advisor: Dr. Andy Langley

The Internal Medicine (IM) Student Organization at VCOM is aimed at exposing students to the practice of internal medicine as well as the many sub-specialties encompassed within the field of medicine. The organization acts as an educational resource to members by hosting guest lecturers, conducting journal club meetings, and organizing research and mentoring opportunities. One goal of the organization is to establish relationships with local physicians practicing in the many medical sub-specialties in order to provide better insight into what each specialty entails. By learning about the different training paths offered through internal medicine, it is hoped that students will be aided in thinking about future career goals. The IM organization hopes to continue to grow and act as a valuable resource for not only VCOM students but for the entire community.

Cardiology Committee

Cardiology Committee
Committee Chair: Niles Phillips

The Cardiology Special Interest Group, a specialty organization at VCOM–Auburn, has recently been established to cultivate student interest in and exposure to cardiology-related fields.

Infectious Disease Committee

Cardiology Committee
Committee Chair: Amber Bux

Through collaboration with VCOM–Auburn faculty members and other physicians in the community, the Infectious Disease (ID) Special Interest Group brings in guest speakers to educate our members and speak on specific topics within the field. Such events create networking opportunities for students who are interested in the specialty of infectious disease.

Student Association of Military Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons (SAMOPS)


President: Matthew Pickich; Vice President: Ernest Philon; Secretary: Ken Stroer; Treasurer: Kendall Talley; Faculty Advisor: Dr. Paul Brisson

The student military organization, Association of Military Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons (SAMOPS), is a very active organization on campus. The student organization has hosted a number of prestigious military physician speakers on campus. Topics have included emergency medicine, surgery, and bioterrorism / disaster management.

Student National Medical Association (SNMA)


President: Jebha Babu; Vice President: Anna Trujillo-Park; Secretary: Carol Harden; Treasurer: Tin Pham; Faculty Advisor: Dr. Siraj Abdullah

The Student National Medical Association (SNMA) was established in 1964 by medical students from Howard University College of Medicine and Meharry Medical College. National membership includes over 7,000 allopathic and osteopathic medical students who work together to build on SNMA’s 40 years of service to underserved communities and medical students. SNMA is the nation’s oldest and largest student organization focusing on the needs and concerns of medical students of color. SNMA programs are tailored to serve the health needs of underserved communities and increasing the number of socially aware, culturally knowledgeable and clinically excellent physicians. VCOM’s SNMA chapter reflects SNMA’s mission. VCOM SNMA serves the community, sponsors the VCOM multicultural show and coordinates other events to mentor students and provide service to the community. The VCOM chapter of SNMA continues to develop and implement programs that will serve and educate the community in an effort to eliminate health disparities and continues to promote and support the academic and life-long success of medical and pre-medical students.

Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA)


President: Brigette Meyers; Vice President: Marissa Lee; Secretary: Chirag Patel; Treasurer: Candace Ibarra; National Liaison: Anna Stamas

The Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA) is the student affiliate organization of the American Osteopathic Association (AOA). Our goal is to promote osteopathic ideals and unity within the profession. SOMA works to educate future osteopathic physicians about current issues in healthcare and foster dialogue among healthcare professionals to continually improve the quality of our nation’s healthcare. Furthermore, SOMA encourages student-physician networking through events such as regional and national conferences, and various campus social events.

Student Osteopathic Surgical Association (SOSA)


President: TJ Demshar; Vice President: Berna Karic; Secretary: Mandy Hargrove; Treasurer: Conrand Landers; National Liaison: Nick Ryan; Faculty Advisor: Dr. Paul Brisson

The Student Osteopathic Surgical Association (SOSA) is the student organization of the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons (ACOS) and functions under their auspices. VCOM’s local chapter serves to represent and educate future osteopathic surgeons. This includes: Stressing the understanding of Osteopathic principles in relationship to disease in the practice of surgery; helping promote education in the field of surgery; providing a forum for discussion amongst students and surgeons.

Anesthesiology Committee

Anesthesiology Committee

The Anesthesia Special Interest Group (ASIG) is a division of the SOSA student organization focused on providing students with a solid foundation for the field of anesthesia. Because students receive little exposure to the field of anesthesiology during the first two years of medical school, our goal is to help students better understand the role of the anesthesiologist, become aware of the available sub-specialty options, and get an early start in practicing procedural skills in this field.

Orthopedics Committee

Orthopedics Committee

The Orthopedic Special Interest Group is a division of the SOSA student organization specifically designed for members with an affinity for orthopedics. ORTHO is a nationally recognized chapter of the Student American Osteopathic Academy of Orthopedics (SAOAO). The organization’s focus is to help current members pursue their interest in orthopedic surgery by providing access and exposure to different areas of the field.



American College of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians (ACOEP)


President: Corban Caldwell; Vice President: Coleman Cowart; Secretary: Peyton Lampley; Treasurer: Nawzad Jacksi; Faculty Advisor: Dr. JJ White

The American College of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians, founded in 1975, exists to support high quality emergency care, promote and protect the interests of Osteopathic emergency physicians, ensure the highest standards of postgraduate education, and provide leadership in research through the Foundation for Osteopathic Emergency Medicine, in a distinct unified profession. VCOM’s chapter of the ACOEP introduces students to the field of emergency medicine by providing speakers and by organizing clinical skills workshops. Students also organize activities in the SIM Center, and promote safety and medical education in the community.

Wilderness Medicine Committee


The VCOM–Auburn chapter of the Wilderness Medicine Society helps to expose students to the emerging field of wilderness medicine through trips to nearby conferences and classes.  The organization also engages in outdoor activities such as white water rafting, skiing, hiking, and climbing in order to expose the future physician to environments in which wilderness medicine will be practiced.

American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians (ACOFP)


President: Marina Tipold; Vice President: Macy Phillips; Secretary: Jerica Davis; Treasurer: Olivia Demarta; Faculty Advisor: Johnny Stackhouse

The ACOFP, American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians, is an organization that prides itself on its alignment with the core values of VCOM. This organization strives to emphasize the excitement and honor that comes with being the Family Doctor for a small rural community. Nationally, ACOFP focuses on the tenants of advocacy, education, and leadership. In an ever-changing world of health care, advocacy for primary care, the foundation of the country’s health care system, is achieved through this student organization. Education is achieved through outreach to the various residency programs in the state of Alabama and surrounding areas, so the students may be aware of the many opportunities they have after graduating. Finally, leadership is achieved through community outreach initiatives. These efforts include providing educational information that advocates preventative health care.

Geriatrics Committee

Geriatrics Committee

The Geriatric Special Interest Group is a newly formed specialty committee at VCOM–Auburn. Our mission is to provide resources for VCOM students to explore the important field of medicine that specializes in the care of our elderly. With the help of our group, students will be better prepared for third year geriatric rotations.

American College of Osteopathic Neurologists and Psychiatrists (ACONP)

American College of Osteopathic Neurologists and Psychiatrists (ACONP)

President: Ibrahim Norbhai; Vice President: Marc Oropilla; Secretary: Michael Saggio; Treasurer: Dominque Moreno; Faculty Advisor: Dr. Bascom Bradshaw

The American College of Osteopathic Neurologists and Psychiatrists (Neuro/Psych) student organization was established at VCOM–Auburn for those interested in acquiring knowledge and expanding their understanding of the fields of neurology and psychiatry.

Student Advocate Association (SAA)

Student Advocate Association (SAA)

President: John Staples; Staff Advisor: Mallory Wilson

Mission: “We, the spouses, significant others, family and friends of the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, are advocates for the role of osteopathic medicine in the surrounding region.  We support, in every way possible, those who will be the physicians of the future.  We aspire to educate the community about our school and the benefits of it being located in this area.”

The Student Advocate Association (SAA) is a non-profit organization of spouses, significant others, family members, and friends of the osteopathic medical students at VCOM. SAA is a student branch of the Advocates for the American Osteopathic Association (AAOA) with a mission is to provide support for each other, the students of osteopathy, and VCOM. SAA also seeks to educate and encourage the community about the osteopathic approach to medicine to lead healthier lives. An effort is made to give every student at VCOM the feeling that family is nearby. 

Activities for members include service activities, which provide opportunities to bond and to become even more supportive of what their DO friend or family member is experiencing. Friendships are made which will last a lifetime, all the while advocating osteopathic medicine. The SAA helps new students and families get settled into the area by supplying them with information about housing, schools, day care, shopping, area attractions and much more. An annual panel discussion is held at the first of the year so the newcomers can ask all of the questions that are unique to them and their families. Being involved in the SAA and attending monthly meetings helps members stay informed on what’s going on around campus and have an all-around great medical school experience.  

Sigma Sigma Phi (SSP)


President: Evan Harrison; Vice President: Rishi Kalra; Secretary/Treasurer: Nicole Tobin; Membership Chair: Maxie Wallace ; Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Stephen

Sigma Sigma Phi (SSP) prides itself on academic excellence as well as participating in activities such as: peer tutoring, VCOM Ambassador relations, White Coat and Graduation ceremonies, the Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching, morale boosting events like “Board Prep Jeopardy,” and preparing the board question of the week.

American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine (AOASM)

American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine (AOASM)

President: William Tremlett; Vice President: Nicholas Ryan; Secretary: Kalei Rollins; Treasurer: Umar Rashid; Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jos Edison

The American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine (AOASM) student organization was created for medical students with an interest in sports medicine. Our organization’s highest priority is to provide students with opportunities to acquire a skill set that could benefit them in their future careers. We strive to provide opportunities in the local community where our members may gain useful experience by partnering with sports medicine physicians. Our group has a passion for service in the community, particularly promoting the health benefits of physical activity throughout the Southeast.

American Medical Women's Asociation (AMWA)


President: Amber Neal; Vice President: Hannah Patterson; Secretary: Kathryn Stickley; Treasurer: Lauren Lowrey; Faculty Advisor: Dr. Terri Plundo

The American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) at VCOM-Auburn Campus fosters and embraces awareness and interest in women in medicine.  As a group, members promote women’s health and support their professional careers and journey in the medical field.  As a goal, AMWA strives to increase the awareness of women’s health issues by helping within the community in addition to educating fellow students about the role women have in healthcare. 

Via Wellness at VCOM–Auburn

Via Wellness at VCOM–Auburn

James Boone, Spiritual Domain; Sofia Klar, Intellectual Domain; Angelique Ramirez, Physical Domain; Cody Jinnette, Social Domain

The purpose of the Via Wellness program at the VCOM-Auburn campus is to promote a healthy mind, body, and spirit. The program provides enrichment to campus life through a wide variety of sports, fitness and exercise, as well as social, cultural and spiritual events.

Students, faculty, staff and their family members are welcome to participate in all Via Wellness activities at VCOM-Auburn and in the community. Fitness awards are provided for those who achieve various levels of participation.

Student Government Association (SGA)


President: Jordan Gillenwater; Vice President: Gulreen Kassoo; Secretary: Ashley Andrews; Treasurer: Rishi Gopinath