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Alumni Association Board

VCOM Alumni Association Board

The Alumni Association Board is made up of VCOM graduates and a representative from each of the current classes. The purpose of the Association is to educate, enlist, and provide opportunities for future alumni to become active in the Association. Additionally, the board has a goal to foster lifelong learning opportunities and career connections for VCOM alumni, provide pathways for alumni to participate in continuous quality improvements in their practices and their lives, provide mentoring opportunities for VCOM students in order to actively engage them in the Osteopathic profession, and other activities adopted by the Alumni Board or Association.

Bill Thomas

Bill Thomas, DO
Class of 2007

Bhaba Misra

Bhaba Misra, DO
Class of 2007

Michelle Keating

Michelle Keating, DO
Class of 2013



Class of 2007

Kristin Childers, DO
Ronna Compton New, DO
Bhaba Misra, DO
Niyati Sheth Sandhu, DO
Bill Thomas, DO

Class of 2008

Troy Akers, DO

Class of 2009

Hilary Gale Lois, DO
Mark Haygood, DO
Sherry Penland-Ismatov, DO

Class of 2010

Todd Fridley, DO

Class of 2011

Molly Ashby, DO
Ariana Martin, DO
Isaac Spence, DO

Class of 2012

Ben Bring, DO

Class of 2013

Michelle Keating, DO
Veera Motashaw, DO
Cara Tillotson, DO

Class of 2015

Larry Carpio, DO

Class of 2017

Kali Alvarado, DO

Student Representatives

Roslyn Alexander, Class of 2019
Chris Trower, Class of 2020