Application Process

Step 1: AACOMAS Application

Submit an application to the centralized application service, American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Application Service (AACOMAS), and designate one, two or all three VCOM campuses. Applications may not be submitted directly to VCOM. In order to process your application, AACOMAS will require official copies of your transcripts from all colleges/universities you attended. Please also submit your official MCAT scores from AAMC to AACOMAS.

  • AACOMAS Contact Information:
    5500 Friendship Boulevard
    Suite 310
    Chevy Chase, MD 20815-7231
    (301) 968-4190
  • Remember to send transcripts directly to AACOMAS.
  • Request your MCAT scores to be sent from AAMC to AACOMAS. VCOM will accept scores within four years of the matriculation year.
  • AACOMAS Application Deadline: March 1
    (Although classes may be filled in advance of this deadline due to rolling admissions.)

Step 2: Secondary Application
Once VCOM receives your AACOMAS application, your file will undergo initial screening. Eligible applicants will be invited for a secondary application. Only one secondary application and one $50 fee will be required regardless of whether you apply to one, two, or three campuses. Please be advised, VCOM screens applications before sending the invitation to submit the Secondary Application and not all applicants will receive the invitation. *Please remember to save as a safe contact and/or domain with your provider.

Step 3: Letters of Recommendation

VCOM requires two letters of recommendation - one from an osteopathic physician and one from a premedical committee or science faculty member. Letters must be written on professional letterhead, signed, and submitted directly to VCOM from the author. Letters of recommendation which are included as part of the pre-health committee packet or letters from an official evaluation collection service recognized by VCOM (Interfolio or VirtualEvals) which are part of their official packet will be accepted without signature or letterhead as long as the letters are sent directly from the authors of these letters directly to the pre-med advisor who accepts them as authentic or directly to the evaluation service which accepts them as authentic. VCOM is willing to accept letters through VirtualEvals, Interfolio, and an official college/university service. Candidates are welcome to submit additional letters of recommendation including a letter of recommendation from an allopathic physician (MD). However, the letter of recommendation from a M.D. cannot be substituted for the required letter of recommendation from a DO. VCOM will accept letters of recommendations from practicing D.O.s or upper level D.O. residents (no interns or first year residents) where the student has met with and/or shadowed the D.O. is required.  The more competitive applicants will have shadowing experience with the D.O. who writes their letter of recommendation (typically 24 hours or more) which demonstrates their commitment to the profession and understanding of the practice of osteopathic medicine if they feel they have benefit to the applicant’s credentials. If the applicant cannot shadow and obtain a letter from a D.O. in time to complete his or her application an M.D. letter will be accepted, however if accepted the applicant may be required to shadow an osteopathic physician within 30 days of acceptance and as a condition of that acceptance.  It is strongly recommended that the applicant provide a letter from a D. O. to be more competitive.

Please submit all initial letters of recommendation (regardless of campus preference) to:

Office of Admissions
2265 Kraft Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24060

VCOM provides evaluation forms as a courtesy for the osteopathic/allopathic physician and premedical advisor or science faculty member. The evaluation forms are not required.

Step 4: Completed Application
Once VCOM receives the Secondary Application, $50.00 processing fee, letter of recommendation from a physician, and letter of recommendation from pre-medical/pre-health committee (or science faculty member) the application is considered complete. VCOM will send an electronic notification indicating the application is complete.

Note: In the event you are applying to osteopathic medical school while completing coursework, please provide VCOM with an updated transcript at the conclusion of each semester/trimester.

Step 5: Improving Your Application
If you have not been invited to submit a Secondary Application or not invited for an Interview the following link has information which you may want to consider to become a more competitive applicant:

Applicants Not Invited for Secondary Application–Frequently Asked Questions